Wind Chimes

She had grown out of her awkward big footed, dumpy child looks. One day Her father looked up and realized boy hand-me-downs weren’t going to work any longer. The thick glasses were replaced with thinner wire frames, ones that actually fit Her face. She looked less like an owl and more like a cat.

There was the another big change. She hadn’t blossomed like other 15 year olds, but She had grown taller; 7 inches in the past year. Only She saw the stretch marks on her skin at her knees, elbows, and waist and wondered what they meant. She was tall; now, eye level and above with past tormentors. Those big feet were proportional now.

While Her father couldn’t accept She was teetering towards adulthood, She at least received clothing that fit this new frame. Hideous old-fashioned tees sporting teddy bears and shells at the beach, not the Rock bands She preferred. No more elephant pants wrinkled at the ankles, but bright blue, purple and red jeans to her ankles. They fit well but oh the teasing. Why had her father picked these things for her?! Strange shirts and bright pants made for a more visible, humiliating target.

Luckily, there was another girl in oddly older clothes and jewelry, but by choice. Frosty blonde hair, clear pale skin, bright green eyes and a proper womanly frame, this young elfin looking girl saw something in Her.

They became fast friends, the tormentors falling to the side at their friendship, they read the same books and talked for hours, sharing secrets as young girls do.

Then the summer came, and the Elfin Girl invited Her on a 2 week trip to West Virginia (with parental supervision, of course). The Elfin Girl’s Mystic Mother was going north to treat a client. Mystic Mother was a massage therapist only, she believed in a magic of crystals and energy to heal. While this fascinated Her and the Elfin Girl, they couldn’t pretend they understood. They tried, but it was all fun and mysterious.

Once they reached their destination, it was plain She was to be a companion to Elfin Girl while Mystic Mother did her work. This suited Her fine. They were staying in a fine house with such strange and wonderful things, a sun room with tropical plants and heated tiles upon the floor, miles of farmland and abandoned mines littered the property, and plenty of beautiful rooms to explore.

They did indeed explore except, She did not like the room they were asked to sleep in. Elfin Girl slept in the bed, which was fine, and She had a more than adequate pallet on the floor; with animal skins and fleece and the like, piled up comfortably. There were dream catchers hanging all about with tapestries and paintings of good Fae and mystic creatures, and a large table of crystals and orbs.

Both girls loved poking at the crystal table. Elfin Girl was partial to tiger’s eye. She knew from experience that She liked Quartz Crystal the best. It always felt warm in Her hand, welcoming, healing. She had used it in meditations and other things before.

The first night, She had this uncomfortable feeling. Watching. Assessing. She couldn’t sleep. She begged Elfin Girl to share the pallet; after much coaxing, she did. Finally, she could sleep.
This uneasiness continued every night, finally into the day. That one day, She was struck with the most feverish headache. She could barely see or stand, and Elfin Girl in her worry, gave up her bed to her friend.

She laid in a haze until her feverish eyes settled on a crystal and bronze wind chime outside the open window.

She became vaguely aware that someone was lost; that they, someone else, couldn’t get to them and it had been so long. They really loved this person but even now, they were not able to be together.
She had the awareness that only She could bring the two together, all She had to do was call out to them. She felt She was the only one who could, and it was very important to do so.

She was afraid, what if they were bad things? What if She harmed others by honoring this request? Fear struck Her hard then. She wasn’t sure what to do.

Staring still at the chimes, She focused as much as she could and recited a rhyme from somewhere inside. She was careful with her words as a child could be. She finished when She felt the words stop, and She waited.

Then there was a great feeling of movement, the floor, the Earth, something and then there were two. The chimes tinkled joyously and the room filled with a feeling of happiness and finality and then, nothing.

Mystic Mother came in a little later with a penetrating eye and some tea. The tea tasted funny to Her, but Mystic Mother said it was important to drink it all.

A small time later, She was up with Elfin Girl, exploring the fields.

She slept well that night, and for the rest of that trip.

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