Available for Preorder: Hearts Desire

It’s happening! My first novella is ready for preorder in the anthology Heart’s Desire published by the New Romance Café!! I couldn’t be more proud and excited that the day has come and I am a published author.

I’ve always written short stories, and dreamed of being brave enough to put myself out there. Now I have and I am so glad I did. While my story probably is not going to be a viral hit, I’m hoping that my story in the anthology is attention grabbing, steamy, and an excellent way to spice up your free time!

My story is called Learning to Love Again and I’ve posted a synopsis before. Today I’m posting a tidbit from the story:

I don’t see dimples at the moment so I can say I wasn’t under their influence. I raise my hand up to brush a tumbled lock of hair out of those blue blue eyes and trace my fingers down the side of his face. I sway forward the rest of the way and he brings his arms up around my waist. I raise up towards him like a flower to the sun, and he must feel the same because he’s met me more than halfway. Our noses almost touch and I can’t think of any reason why I shouldn’t close the distance to his lips, so I do.

Playing the piano isn’t the only thing he does very well. His lips are firm and warm and I can admit I’m in that fuzzy head space again. Neither of us seems to breathe as one kiss becomes two, then three and then I feel my back hit the wall. I don’t really care and I mentaly thank it for its support because damn.

Ahhhh Elaine, the mischief you get into! I really enjoyed creating her character and Oscar’s.

Because I have a Bachelors of Music Education degree, I didn’t have to do any research (except into the degrees offered at Julliard, I’m good but I’m not THAT good) for the novella. Ashburn College is actually based off of my Alma Mater Greensboro College. While I never got up to such delicious mischief in the practice rooms when I was young, I certainly could imagine the possibility now!

If you like steamy scenes, older love interests (in their late 20’s to mid 30’s), and musical theater please consider purchasing the Hearts Desire Anthology publishes by the New Romance Café. All proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation!

Preorder Link for the US

Preorder Link for the UK


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